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All demons have arrived

Phase 1.0

All 1,666 Dark Roast Demons are out in the overworld


DRD Online store development will start

Lots of cool merch will be available, including DRD coffee bean bags, uniquely-roasted in New Zealand

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The second project

Phase 2.0

The follow-up, the second project announcement

The friend of demons, banshees are coming

3,666 NFTs, 0.02 eth each

More info to come...

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Staking & Tokens

Phase 3.0

The second project (i.e. banshees) sell out

Staking and tokenization are coming

Hold your Demon and Banshee NFTs for the maximum staking benefits and rewards


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Demonic free airdrop

Phase 4.0

Hold your Demon and Banshee

We have something for you as a little gift

It will be free and very useful

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The third project

Phase 5.0

Super scary-ish vampires are coming

7,666 NFTs, price to be announced...

More staking rewards

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Here to stay forever

Phase Eternal

Dark Roast Demons and its associated brands continue to develop and expand

We are here to stay and continue to build our community for a very very very long time

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